ISIS Claims Responsibility for Toronto’s Mass Shooting


Gunman, Faisal Hussain, committed suicide after killing 2 and wounding 13 people on Danforth Avenue in Toronto. Isis claims responsibility for this massive shooting in Toronto which should not be foolishly ignored. The Canadian people need to wake up to the imminent danger and threat. The Canadian people should demand answers from their government; they have the right to live freely and safely. Reasonable people would demand strong border security, strong immigration law and policy with proper vetting, and strong enforcement of law and order in their communities. Make sure you vote in a strong leader in 2019 who will have your interest and Canada’s interests at heart.

The Toronto massive shooting, in part, was caused by weak leadership and an open border policy adopted by an inexperienced Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. In trying times, a strong leader is required and this trait is, sadly, missing from the current Canadian leader and his administration. The European countries, like France, Sweden, Germany, Italy and recently Spain have been swamped with economic migrants bringing harm to the citizens of these countries and jeopardizing their national identity and culture. The threat to national security and safety posed by illegal migrants is very real. London, UK, is now unrecognizable and free speech is being attacked on a daily basis. Remember Tommy Robinson’s imprisonment (though he’s released now). It is no longer a country of the British people. Take heed that diversity and multiculturalism are the destroyers of national pride and national sovereignty.

toronto trudeau


South Korea Refuses Yemenis Refugees For National Security & Cultural Identity


The South Korean (SK) government has refused Yemenis refugees seeking asylum by putting in place stricter measures, due to intense public pressure. More than half a million South Koreans petitioned their government to keep these asylum seekers out of SK and some of these asylum seekers could be bogus claimants wanting to be parasites in SK’s economy and social programs. What’s worse is that refugees bring with them crimes and other social programs. The hope of integrating them into the western society is slim. The chance that refugees could contribute to your society and communities is slimmer. Look to the United Kingdom and Europe, and you would definitely find your answers there, in countries such as Germany, Italy, Spain, France, UK, Sweden and many more.

The safest way to keep your country and citizens safe is to secure your borders, have strong immigration law and policy, maintain low and order and have a merit-based immigration system for proper vetting. The globalists and progressive liberals, such as the European Union through a migrant quota system, seem to force or dictate their law onto sovereign nations. The traitors doing the dirty work and running propaganda for the globalists and progressive liberals are the mainstream media, establishment politicians and bureaucrats. Secure your borders is the utmost priority in the midst of Islamic terror and invasion.



Who likes sticky rice?

There are several versions of sticky rice or glutinous rice, either served in restaurants or home-made. There are the Chinese, Vietnamese and fusion versions. Each has their own specific ingredients. Restaurants serve white sticky rice with meat stuffing inside and wrapped in leaves. They are prepared in two serving sizes with slightly different stuffing. The illustration below shows a small serving of sticky rice wrapped in leaves, which you would find on a dim-sum menu in restaurants. The stuffing ingredients include salted duck egg in the center and ground pork.


The other version is brown sticky rice as shown in the picture below, and the color brown is due to the addition of soy sauce as an ingredient to give the rice taste and color.

sticky rice

If you make it yourself at home, you can add the kind of ingredients you like for flavoring as in the fusion version shown in the above picture. Here, we’ve added dried shrimp, Chinese sausage, dried red onion and fresh green onion sprinkled on top as the final ingredient. You may leave out the shrimp or sausage if you just want a veggie dish made of sticky rice.

You first cook the sticky rice in an electric cooker then you can gather your ingredients and cook them in a frying pan. The portion of dried shrimp or sausage to add depends on the amount of meat you want in the sticky rice. Here, we’ve mixed dried shrimp and cut-up Chinese sausage in a pan, added a bit of cooking oil so the sticky rice doesn’t stick to the pan, then fry-cooked the meat. Make sure to cut up the meat into tiny chunks for quick and easy cooking. Once the meat is ready, add the cooked sticky rice to the mix in the frying pan. Add soy sauce to the mix and continue to fry-cook slowly in the pan. When it’s almost ready, add the dried red onion to the mix and continue cooking for a few more minutes to ensure everything is well mixed and cooked. You could leave out the dried red onion if you don’t like it and it won’t affect the taste too much. Once ready, put the sticky rice on a plate or in a bowl and sprinkle fresh green onion on top, and it’s now ready for serving.

Enjoy making sticky rice!

Maxine Waters, always the hater and preacher of HATE.

Do you see a sickness here?


Do you see a difference between the two images?

dog cpr


The police dog was trying to save a life, while the corrupt politician Maxine Waters is trying to incite violence and cause harm to her own kind.  Even animals know the value of love and life.  Why not Maxine Waters? Her hatred and evil have been exposed. Truly despicable!

One of the reasons for the downfall of the Democrats and political left is when these self-serving politicians of the Washington establishment, the SWAMP, don’t work for the good of the people, but themselves.  The Democrat’s mantra is hate, hate and more hate to bring down their political opponents or just different political views.  No reasons provided by the Dems, but just character assassination in that you’re a Nazi, bigot, xenophobe, etc., if you don’t agree with them.  There is no longer any political discourse or civility when it comes to the Democrats and the liberal left. The Democrats just want to shut down your speech and take away this freedom in the Constitution as their first move, before they completely abolish the whole Constitution that makes this country, the USA, great.

Do the research and find out for yourself the truth of the political landscape in America today and how the Democrats’ actions and behavior illustrate their wish for a one-party state and totalitarianism.  Democrats have sown their foul seeds in many institutions (i.e. Hollywood, American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) etc.) and academia a long time ago, where those seeds are now bringing CHAOS and RUIN to America.

A BOOMING time for the ECONOMY again!

Economic prosperity is coming back to America again with the passing of President Trump’s tax bill in December 2017.  Many companies are repatriating their dollars, which have been parked overseas to avoid taxation.  Now is a great opportunity for the companies, specifically American companies, to bring the money home to help their fellow citizens and country in a time of need, to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

Billions of dollars are being repatriated and will hopefully be used to create more jobs, increase wages and increase tax revenues for big projects like infrastructures.  There is at least HOPE now, after the last 8 tortuous years of economic, political and social decline.  This is the first step back to American and world prosperity, when leaders put their nations first. Many more great things to come with the America First agenda and for people worldwide fighting to save their nation-state and gain back their sovereignty, constitution, and freedom.

tax chart

When America prospers, the world prospers.  Leadership, as demonstrated by the Trump Administration and Agenda, on the global stage is essential to world peace, prosperity and freedom. Glad that peace talks with North Korea (NK) have been working out well and NK is on its way to complete denuclearization (hope, trust and VERIFY).  America and the world want peace and economic prosperity for all people!

The lowest of the low – FAKE Republicans!


All Democrats want America to fail by eliminating borders and destroying cultural identity.  A country without borders is NO COUNTRY at all.  The Democrats, who are part of the Washington SWAMP establishment, hate the USA and the Americans.  What do you think of the Democrats’ actions beyond their words?


The Democrats are not alone in wanting to destroy America and its cultural identity by encouraging the flooding of illegal aliens at the southern borders.  The following FAKE Republicans, who are also part of the Washington SWAMP, are working in concordance with the Democrats to delay and ultimately avoid the passing of real, substantive and effective immigration laws:


Remember the names of these FAKE Republicans, the RINO, on voting day!

Leaving the borders open will not only RUIN AMERICA but also encourage and promote more child trafficking by the illegal aliens who have been and are still using children to gain entry into the USA illegally.  These illegal aliens may be involved in drugs, crimes, murders, thefts, child trafficking, and so much more.  Allowing illegal aliens to cross the borders into the USA without proper vetting and investigation into their true identities will not only put the USA and Americans in jeopardy, but also those children who are under the illegal aliens’ control.  These children are at risk  if continuous illegal crossing is permitted.  Democrats and Fake Republicans don’t really care about the children or family separation.  This is an issue they use to perpetuate fear and as a weapon against the Trump presidency.  Do your research for the truth, and fight for the safety and security of your family, your children’s future and your country.  Support stronger immigration laws under the Trump Presidency.  Must close all loopholes used to facilitate illegal crossing and to circumvent legal immigration.

Support the land’s LAW AND ORDER and ensure the enforcement of laws to prevent crimes and anarchy at the borders.  Make your votes count in 2018 and 2020 for a SAFE, SECURE, AND FREE AMERICA!

How do you feel giving up your home for (illegal) African migrants?

You are welcome to give up your own home to house the (illegal) African migrants, which is a position the Spanish government is taking by forcing students out of their homes to make ways for the migrants.  Is your government looking after your interests?  You are now losing your home, so when are you going to lose your country too?  Give it some thoughts and do some research.


African (illegal) migrants on boats (627 of them) have been given entry in to Spain, after being rejected by Italy and Malta and rightly so, since these migrants have not been vetted properly.

Now citizens and students, with legal status, have to make ways for these illegal migrants.  It is not hard to imagine that a right-wing revolution may soon be occurring in Spain to take back the country and their independence from the EU.  Catalonia is just the beginning of a journey to achieve sovereignty, freedom and independence.